Cookies Policy

Like most websites, this website uses cookies for several reasons such as: to provide a better browsing experience, to improve the website’s performance and security and to process your data or preferences. By accessing this website, you are agreeing to the use of cookies.

Cookies are small data text files that websites may download on your device when you visit. Cookies may contain data such as a user identification details that tracks the web pages accessed by you within the respective website. The cookies on our website are used in particular to track the traffic patterns of the respective user (e.g. how you use our website, how you interact with our website after we emailed you, etc.).

Some cookies may be stored on your device for one session only and other cookies may be stored for a definite period of time. Notwithstanding this, you can always delete or deactivate them at any time and will not collect any information when you are not accessing the website. Cookies are not harmful to your device since they cannot store viruses or other harmful files and they cannot access the data stored on your devices.

You are allowed to disable the cookies by setting your web browser to warn you before accepting the cookies and refuse to accept/reject them or you can install an add-on for your web browser which block some cookies. You also can reject all cookies by turning them off in your web browser, but then it is possible that some parts of this website will not work.

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Types of Cookies used

We have listed below the cookies that we use on our website

Elementor: store performed actions on the website; Type: Content Creation; Duration: Permanent.

Complianz: store information about cookies that have been detected on the site, store accepted cookie policy ID; Type: Cookie consent management; Duration: 30 days